Transformational coaching
Is an individual and comprehensive coaching method of identifying and removing limiting attitudes, beliefs, subconscious programmes and generic scripts, with healing and contentment practices. It is the most powerful transformation that really changes your life in all aspects in the best possible way.

You can compare this process to a computer: when you update an old, freezing operating system with a new one.

In doing so, the mind is reprogrammed and negative scenarios (poverty, loneliness, sickness) are eliminated.
Maria Bruce
It is a thought in which we believe and through the prism of which we perceive situations, look at life.
And it is because of these thoughts that we have reactions (irritation, anger, aggression, fear, etc.).

Most of them are established by our parents as early as childhood, and are also subconsciously passed on through the family, while others are formed over the course of life.

A set of attitudes shapes our mindset, our perception of the world and our reactions and consequently the reality we live in.
What is an attitude or belief?
Have you ever wondered why we do not have enough money and cannot build happy and harmonious relationships?
Have you ever wondered where insecurities, doubts and fears come from?
Would you like to free yourself from dissatisfaction, discouragement and unreasonable expectations?
"It is impossible to solve a problem on the same level as it appeared".
We need a mentor to make quality and desirable changes in our lives.

Why? We often can't admit the truth to ourselves.

A Mentor is the person who objectively points out our distortions, blocks, limitations, fears. A mentor lifts us up to our energy level. This is the person who already has knowledge, wisdom and a lot of experience, and will help us walk the path of transformation safely.

The mentor is there when the student is ready.
Why do you need a mentor?
What do you get as a result?
Everything that was a "ceiling" will become a "floor" for you: dreams, desires, goal.
Coaching is a very good platform for a quantum leap in a person's development and accomplishment in all areas of life.
As a result of coaching, participants move to another level in relationships, money, new opportunities open up, health (psychosomatic) improves.
You will increase your dignity, confidence and self-esteem and as a consequence, you will begin to attract more powerful opportunities.
You will realise what it means to be the author of your life, become internally motivated and discover a constant source of energy within you.
You will feel a real inflow of energy and power. Activate your inner source of love.
. After working through fears, doubts, insecurities and subconscious blockages, intuition increases, which allows you to make the right decisions in life, to go your true way.
Maria Bruce also shares not only her experience, but also the connections and contacts that can help a person achieve their goals in different areas of life.
An astrological (birth) chart is made, from which you can see: karmic tasks, purpose, as well as diagnose limiting attitudes and beliefs
You also get a bonus:
VIP chat for coaching participants with additional materials
(training records, exclusive webinars, workshops of invited experts and much more) worth more than 100 thousand rubles
Participation in the course "Inner State Master"
Contacts of specialists
Support for participants on arising issues
Coaching deals with limiting beliefs, attitudes and scripts which have been formed in childhood and also acquired throughout life.
How are the sessions conducted?
Face to face coaching via Skype
What are the sessions like?
How are the sessions conducted?
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Overall coaching duration (one stage) is:
10 sessions
Approximately 2 months
In stage I, you will work on:
  • Relationships with parents
  • Birth scenarios
  • Restrictive attitudes and beliefs
  • Fears
  • Perception of reality is harmonised
In Stage II you will deal with:
Relationships with 2 people who strongly influence your life (first love, family members, friends, etc.)

2 life areas (to choose from):
- Goals
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You can also ask questions about all areas of life and get specific advice on how to solve them quickly and effectively
Maria Bruce
  • PhD, psychologist, Master of State.
  • Has been working with limiting attitudes and beliefs, fears and blocks for more than 12 years.She has developed her own methodology of inner state management.
  • More than 165,000 people have completed Maria's online courses and workshops.
  • Regularly appears on federal radio and TV. Does joint projects celebrities.
  • Has performed many times for audiences of many thousands.
  • Moreover, Maria travels a lot (visited more than 80 countries), manages to conduct 5 projects and is engaged in charity work.

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